Volume XXVIII - Studia Semiotyczne - English Supplement

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Studia Semiotyczne - English Supplement,  vol. XXVIII, 2016

Table of Contents

The Danuta and Henryk Hiz Prize
pp. 5-6

Paweł Grabarczyk
Problems with Seeing: On the Philosophically Significant Uses of the Expression ‘To See’
pp. 7-24

Jacek Wawer
How contingent and how a priori are contingent a priori truths?
pp. 25-56

Olena Yaskorska, Katarzyna Budzyńska, Marcin Koszowy
The Diversity of Cognitive Processes in a Dialogue
pp. 57-94

Wiesław Walentukiewicz
Do Children Commit Categorizing Errors While Using Proper Names?
pp. 95-111

Sylwester Orzechowski, Sławomir Wacewicz, Przemysław Żywiczyński
The Problem Of “Modality Transition” In Gestural Primacy Hypotheses In Language Evolution: Towards Multimodal Hypotheses
pp. 112-149

Michał R. Węsierski
The Hermes Effect. An Analytical Study in Theoretical Semiotics
pp. 150-172

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